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"The Swimming Pool"

Ezekiel 47: 1-5



To all nations, churches, and people everywhere, hear the word of the Lord in a parable:

It was a hot summer day and people were in swimming pools. But here, there were two swimming pools, one shallow pool for babies, toddlers and small children to play in, and there was another pool that was a deep pool that went from 8 to 20 feet deep for swimmers and scuba divers.

There were many babies, toddlers and even adults playing in the shallow pool, but the deep swimming pool only had a few people that were swimming and scuba diving in it.

I found out, the people in the deep swimming pool had gone to swimming classes and training, and then many went on to learn how to scuba dive. Some had even become champion swimmers and won gold medals, and some of the scuba divers had even found sunken treasure in the ocean.

Then I went over and asked one of the adults in the shallow pool,
"Why don't you know how to swim"?

He said, "I just like to play around in the shallow pool, then I don't have to swim laps and train, or take classes and learn how to swim

For know, as it is in the natural world, so it is in the spiritual world. For there are many people in church that cannot swim spiritually, and are still playing around in the baby pool, when they should be in the deep pool swimming and scuba diving.

I want to mature you from spiritual babyhood to spiritual adulthood. Be not content with staying in the shallow pool, but grow up spiritually and learn how to swim and scuba dive. For it is in the deep pool and deep water where you learn how to swim and scuba dive, and you find the spiritual treasures of the deep says God.


Meaning of the Parable:

The shallow pool: the people in the shallow pool represent immature Christians (spiritual babies, toddlers, children and adults) throughout the world.

The deep pool: the people in the deep pool represent mature Christians throughout the world.

Swimming and Scuba Diving: swimming and scuba diving in the deep pool represents mature Christians working or in ministry for God throughout the world.