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"The Painter and the Boy"

Genesis 50:20



Hear the word on the Lord in a parable:

As the boy watches, the Painter started to paint his picture. He used the colors blue, red, black, green, orange, purple and many other different colors. For some colors he mixed colors together to come up with a different color.

Finally the boy said to the Painter, "What are you painting"?

The Painter said, "I can't tell you right now, but just wait and watch".

The boy first saw a burned out building being painted. As the Painter continued to paint, the boy saw a second building, a newer, much larger building beside it. The boy then said to the Painter, "I see two buildings, one that has burned down, and another newer much larger building beside it. What does the painting mean"?

The Painter then told the boy, "I knew the person who owned the building that burned down. After it burned down he didn't know what to do. Finally he rebuilt a new store. The new store was bigger and better than the first store that burned down. He also made seven times more money with the new store than he did with the first store. The burned out building, that was at first a disaster, turned out to be a blessing".

"For I the Lord and the Painter, and I paint different colors into your life. Glorious colors, beautiful colors, colors you have never seen before. They are one of a kind colors, colors only for you. In the beginning some of the pictures didn't seem to make any sense to you, until the painting was completed. Then you were able to see the big picture of everything I was doing".

"Remember Joseph, it was not a mistake, but my plans for him to be sold as a slave, put into prison and then tell Pharaoh what his dream meant. Finally, Joseph was made the second ruler of Egypt and saved his family, the people of Egypt, and the whole world from a famine. What was meant for evil against Joseph and you, God has meant it to be good".

The Painter: God

The Boy: Christians everywhere

Painting pictures: things that happen in our lives, both good and bad

See Genesis 41: 56-57; 45: 4-8; 50:20