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"The Archer and the Arrow"


The Archer represents the Lord, the bow represents time, and we are the Arrows.
The Archer took an arrow, and put it into His bow, then looked at His target, and pulled the string about a quarter of the way back. 
The Arrow then said to the Archer, "Let the Arrow go".

The Archer said, “Not yet”, for He knew if He let the Arrow go right now, it would fall far short of the target. The Archer continued to pull the Arrow back on His bow, to about the half way point. 

Again the Arrow said to the Archer, “Let me go, I will hit the target now.”

But again the Archer told the Arrow, "not yet".

The Archer continued to pull the bow back, till it was about three-fourths of the way back.

Again, the Arrow said to the Archer, “Surely now I will hit the target, I won’t miss now, please let the Arrow go now”.

But again the Archer said to the Arrow, “not yet.”

The Archer continued to pull the bow back till it couldn’t be pulled back any more.  He looked at His target, and let the Arrow go, and it hit the target on the bulls eye.  It hit the mark, the Arrow went where the Archer wanted it to go.

For know, there is a time and season for everything.  In this world, there are two clocks.  Man’s clock, and God’s clock, and they are usually set to two different times.  Man’s clock is usually set at a different time than God’s clock.

Moses knew he was called to be a deliverer for his nation; the only problem was Moses had his timing wrong.  He was forty years early for “his appointment” with God. Moses thought it was time to deliver the people of Israel but it was not God’s right time.

At God’s right time, He sent forth Moses to be His deliverer.  Now instead of delivering one person from the Egyptian beating a Hebrew, He delivered a whole nation from the Egyptians.

I the Lord am the Archer and you are the arrow, and at the right time I will let the Arrow go, and it will hit the target I want at the right time in history.

For know, “you were born for such a time as this,” Saith God.