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“Main Tracks or Side Tracked”


                                                        O Hear the Word of the Lord in the form of a parable.

For the Kingdom of God is liken to a railroad conductor driving His train down the railroad tracks as He was driving He felt the train shaking.

So He stopped the train, and got off to see what was wrong. First He looked at the railroad track to

see if it was straight, or needed to be repaired. But the railroad track looked fine. So He went around looking at the railroad cars to see what was wrong. The conductor saw two railroad cars where the wheels were starting to come off.

Each railroad car had the owners name on it, so he wrote down their names and got back into His train car and continued to drive the train until He got to the first ‘side track or side rails’. He dropped off the two railroad trailers, and told the man at the repair ship to let the owners of the trailers know that their trailers needed new wheels and needed repairs. The man at the repair shop notified the persons to let them know their trailers needed repairs.

The one owner of the trailer came down and agreed with the conductor that his railroad trailer needed repairs and told Him to do whatever work that it needed to get it back on the main tracks again.

The other owner came down and told the conductor “my railroad trailer is fine”; it doesn’t need to be repaired”. The conductor then told the owner, until repairs are made on your trailer it cannot and will not be allowed back on the main tracks to carry cargo; you will be on the side tracks.

Sometime later, as the conductor was driving by on the main tracks, He saw that one of the railroad trailers had new wheels on it and it had been repaired, the other railroad trailer had not been repaired. So He stopped, and reconnected the railroad trailer that had been repaired and continued to go on down the railroad tracks.

Day after day the conductor would drive by to see if the other railroad trailer had been repaired, it had not. The days turned into months and the months turned into years. But still the owner of the trailer refused to have his trailer repaired, because the owner didn’t think anything was wrong with it.

The conductor finally asked the owner, “How long are you going to be side railed and not get back on the main tracks again.

And, know it is I the Lord that is liken to this conductor of this train, and you are liken to these railroad trailers on it carrying cargo.

The Lord would ask some of you, “How long are you going to be side railed and off the main tracks? You need to be repaired and get reconnected and back on the main tracks again. Your attitudes, mindsets, and thinking need to be corrected and come in line with what the Bible says, and not with your feelings and emotions, and what you think is fair, and what you many think is right and wrong.

God says, “Until you repent, I will not put you back on the main tracks again. I want you to repent, so I can bring healing and restoration to you.”

“If you truly and sincerely repent in your heart, then I will restore to you the years that the locusts has eaten” says the Lord.