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“The Beautiful and Common Dishes”


                                                                    One day as a potter was forming the clay, he decided to make some finely shaped and decorated dishes and vessels. They would be beautiful, used only for special occasions.

After he had made the dishes and vessels, he thought, “I will also need everyday dishes and vessels to use daily.”

So he made them. They were not fancy, but

they were good solid dishes and vessels he could use and would use every day.

After the potter had made the common dishes and vessels, the common dishware said to the potter, “Why did you take the clay and make just everyday dishes and vessels out of it? Why didn’t you make us beautiful and decorated like those other dishes and vessels you made?”

The potter answered, “I need both kinds of dishes and vessels, some dishes and vessels for special occasions and some dishes and vessels for everyday use”.

Yea, the Lord would say that some of you are saying, “I don’t like the vessel you are making God.”

And, God would say to you, “I am the Potter, and you are the clay. How can the clay, which has never created anything, tell the creator of the vessel how to create it? For I the Lord desire to make many different vessels. One vessel is not better than another. One vessel may be decorated and beautiful; another may be a common vessel, all for different uses in my kingdom. Because there are many different jobs that need to be done in my Kingdom, there are many vessels of different shapes and sizes. Some are small, others are large, and all for the different works and ministry in my Kingdom.”