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“The Plow or the Tractor”


This is in the time of the horse drawn plows, when they just invented the tractor. There were two Christian farmers, who were neighbors.
One day in the early spring, just before the time of planting, the one farmer went over to visit the other farmer. The one farmer told the other one, “I just heard about a new fancy machine they call the tractor. They say it can plow, plant

and harvest about  twenty to thirty acres a day. I am going to get one. It will help me plow and plant all those other acres I never had time to work before.”

The other farmer said, “All my life, I have always plowed with a team of horses and a plow. I’m not going to change now. That’s the way my daddy did it, and his daddy before him did it. If it was good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me.”

When it was time to plow up the fields and plant, the Christian farmer with the new tractor was able to plow and plant hundreds of acres of land that could not be planted before. The other Christian farmer, with his horse drawn plow, though he worked hard, was only able to plow and plant two or three acres a day.

At harvest time, the farmer with the new tractor could also harvest his crops faster than the farmer with his horse drawn plow.

The one Christian farmer didn’t move ahead with God, but the other Christian Farmer did.

The one Christian farmer did as it is in the natural world, there is a process of moving ahead, we need to move on with God. God doesn’t want us to turn the clocks back (to horse drawn plows), but move ahead with Him.

God’s question to you: Do you want to “plow” with an iron plow and horse, the old fashioned way; or do you want to move forward with God and “plow with God’s tractor”. He that doesn’t move forward with God will be left in the field driving a horse drawn plow, not God’s tractor.

Interpretation of the Parable: The one man wanted to “live in the good ole days”; the other man moved ahead (and changed his plow in for a tractor). Many times God wants us to “move ahead” but we want to live in the past or the good ole days. We have to move with God or be left out in the field with a plow instead of a tractor. (Numbers 9:15-23)