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“The Owner and the Builders”



The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto an owner who gave plans to his builders. The owner called over the first builder and said “I want a building built.”, and gave his the plans and blueprints for the building.

The owner called over another builder and said “I need another building built.” He also gave this builder the plans and the blueprints for the next building he wanted built.

After the buildings were built, the owner went over to the first builder, and looked over the building. The owner told the builder, “Good job, you built the building exactly how the set of plans and blueprints said to.” The owner then told the first builder, “I didn’t tell you this, but I plan to manufacture articles here in this factory that will be sent all over the United States, and then I plan to ship them all over the World.”

The owner then went over to the second builder, and looked over the building the builder had built. The owner then asked the builder, “This building looks different from the plans and blueprints that I gave to you.”

The builder said yes, “I did change a few things around. I thought you would like it better if I built it ‘this way’.”

The owner then asked the builder, “Why didn’t you build it the way I asked on the plans and blueprints.” The builder said, “In changing things around, I saved you a ton of money. I probably save you about a million dollars.” The builder smiled, thinking the owner is going to like hearing that.

The owner then looked over at the builder and said, “It is not built to the right specifications. I designed it and wanted it built that way for a specific reason.” The owner then told the builder, “I planned on manufacturing articles here that could be sent all over the United States and then I had plans to send it all over the World. Now I can only use the building for the local area.”

For yea, I am the owner, says God, and you are the builder. The one builder followed the plans I gave him, but the other changed the plans.

Some of you may be thinking about changing the plans. Some of you may be thinking about changing the plans I have for you. But beware, changing, or not following God’s plan, can cancel, or greatly reduce what God was going to do in your life.

For know that there are two sets of plans before you, mans’ plans and God’s plans. Though mans’ plans may look good, God’s plans for our lives are always bigger and better.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). My plans are too give you hope, and a future, and an expected end. But you must follow my plans; you must follow my plans, not yours!! Now what builder will you be like, like the one who followed the owners’ plans, or like the one who followed his own plans, says God.

Key to understanding this Parable:

The owner: the owner is the Lord

The builder: the builders are Christians doing God’s work

Building: are skills, abilities, and talents that God may use. Both natural and spiritual

Plans: the Word of God; and God’s plans for your life, preparation and training. Example: Genesis 41:28-54, is a good example. Joseph told Pharaoh to gather the crops and store them, during the seven good years, for the seven years of famine.