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“The Nursery Room”
Hebrews 5:12-6:2


The Kingdom of God is liken to a large nursery with babies in it. In this nursery, the babies were being fed with milk bottles and their diapers were being changed.

After about five years had passed, the owner of the nursery stopped by for a visit, as he walked into the nursery, he saw only a few children up and running around. Many of the other children were still in their cribs lying down, or their diapers were being changed, or they were being fed a milk bottle and others were being coddled and pampered like they were little babies.

Surprised, the owner asked the head servant in charge, “Why are there only a few children up and about and the others still inside of their cribs?

The head servant answered, “When they were babies we would give them their milk bottles, tuck them in and make them feel real comfortable. And after that many of the babies didn’t want to do anything but be fed their milk bottles every couple of hours and be comfortable.” The owner then left.

After another five years had passed, the owner stopped by again. As he walked into the nursery room, he saw only a few children about the age of ten years old up and about playing. The other children were in their cribs or having their diapers changed. At dinner time, the owner saw only a few children eating solid food like meat and potatoes. The other children were only drinking milk from baby bottles.

Again the owner called for the head servant in charge and asked him, “Why are most of these children still in their cribs, having their diapers changed and drinking from baby milk bottles?”

The head servant answered, “When they were babies, we would give them their milk bottles, tuck them in and make them feel real warm and comfortable. After that, many of the babies didn’t want to get out of their cribs. We tried to get them out of their cribs but every time we tried, they would crawl back to their cribs and cry for their milk bottles.” The owner then left.

After a number of years passed by, the owner again stopped by to see how things were going in the nursery. As he walked in, he saw a few teenagers and young adults now taking care of the ‘adult babies’. The teenagers were changing the adult baby’s diapers, feeding them their baby bottles and cleaning up spilled messes on the faces. Out of all these babies, only a few had grown up into maturity. Many of them had grown up to be ‘adult babies’ that had to be cared for.

Yea, know the Lord, as it is in the natural, do it is in the spiritual. As it is in the natural, babies grow up to be adults. So it is spiritually, you grow from babies in Christ to natural men and women of God. As there is a natural growing process from baby to adult, so it is with a Christian. There is a growing process from spiritual baby to spiritual adulthood. The babies in this parable grew into adulthood without being an adult, but were still like little babies.

Many Christians are like those babies, who never grow up spiritually, but need to be fed ‘milk’ instead of the meat and solid food of the Word of God. They are baby Christians not rooted and grounded in God’s word, not hearing from God for themselves or cannot rightly divide the Word of God.

Some of you have been Christians 10, 15, 20 years and more. Many of you have not gone much beyond salvation. God says, “It’s time for you to grow up and be the men and women of God that He has called you to be. Grow up and quit being baby Christians. Grow up so He can use you in the work and ministry of His Kingdom.”

Understanding the Parable

Nursery: the church everywhere, throughout the Earth

Owner: The Lord

Head Servant: Pastor; Leader; Person in charge

Babies and Children: Baby Christians

Workers: Mature Christians working in God’s Kingdom