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"New Day - New Way"


For this is a New Day, the Day of the Lord.

Even as I told the prophet Jeremiah to go down to the potter’s house and hear the Word of the Lord; you also must go down to the potter’s house and hear the Word of the Lord.

For the pot that the potter was making was marred and ruined, so the potter formed the clay into another pot.
‘For I am the Potter and you are the clay’, says God, ‘and I need to break your old mold of Adam and remake you into the new mold of my Son, Jesus Christ.

As clay is soft and pliable in the hands of the potter, so you also need to be soft and pliable in my hands, so I can mold you into what I see is best for you.

Some of you are saying, I don’t like the vessel you are making God.  Again God would say to you, I am the Potter and you are the clay, how can the clay (which never created anything) tell the Creator of the Pot how to create the pot. For I alone, without your help, created the heavens and the earth. Let me make and remake you for the New Day.

For I, the Lord, desire to make many different kinds of pots and vessels. No two pots are the same, they are all different. Some are small; some are large, all different shapes and sizes for different works and ministry because there are many different jobs that need to be done in my Kingdom. One vessel is not better than the other for they all have different uses. For in the New Day, I need to remake the old pot so it will hold all I want it to hold for the New Day.

For the mold of Adam needs to be broken and the clay reformed, because it is marred and ruined. It is no good; it cannot be used for my Kingdom. You can’t go into this new day with the old mold of Adam, for it requires a new mold, for a new man, for the New Day.

Will you let me break the old mold of Adam, so the light and glory of God can shine forth from your vessel (Judges 7:16-20). Even as Gideon and the 300 broke their pots, the light came forth and victory was won. Even so, your old pot (or flesh) needs to be broken, and the light and victory will come forth from your vessels, and the New Man will arise for the New Day.

For this is God’s way, to do it a brand new way, for the New Day. (See Jeremiah 18:1-6)