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"The Land Owners"


The Kingdom of God is liken unto two landowners, who owned land side by side to each other. Both lands were identical in size and in every other way. They lived way out in the country where the only road to their land was a dirt road.

One day taking with each other, one man said to the other, “Have you heard about the good news that a major four lane highway is going to be built, and it will be going by the front of both our properties”.

The other man said, “Yes, I heard that, and I am going to build myself a fruit stand, so when people drive by they can get some fruit”.

The first man said, “I am going to build a gas station, because there aren’t any for 20 miles around here. When they drive by, then they will probably need gas and drive in and get some”.

Well, they built the highway, and the one man built his fruit stand and the other his gas station, and sure enough, as people were driving by, most needed gasoline, so they stopped in to get some.

Many times they would ask the gas station owner, ‘do you have any food, snacks or cold drinks for sale?’

The man with the gas station did so well that he thought, “I see another opportunity here for there isn’t any store for 20 miles around here, so I can sell food to the people as they get gas”.

So he had the land cleared and added on a grocery store to his gas station. And again, many times people would pull in for gas and walk over to the grocery store to pick up ice, cold drinks, sandwiches, coffee and other things.

Many times people would stop in for gas and groceries and would ask him, ‘if there were any restaurants around?

 The landowner would tell them, “There isn’t one for 20 miles around here”.

Again he saw yet another opportunity, so he had the land cleared and added on a restaurant. Many people would stop to eat at the restaurant, then get gas and before they would leave would go over and pick up a few things at the grocery store.

The traffic along the highway continued to grow, so the landowner thought, “There is still some more opportunity here, and I still have some more undeveloped land. I want to use my land to its full potential, so with the rest of the land I will have a hotel added on”.

So he had land cleared and the hotel built, and it also became very successful along with his other businesses. People would stay at the hotel, and eat at the restaurant at night, and then in the morning get gas and some things at the grocery store before they left.

The other man still had his little fruit stand out by the highway, and occasionally a person driving by would stop and buy some fruit.


The Meaning of the Parable

The Land: The land represents your gifts, talents, abilities and ministry, which represents your potential, capability of becoming, the capacity to use and to be developed “into”.

The Highway: The highway represents opportunity to use your gifts and talents

The Landowners: The landowners are Christians everywhere

For know that many of you are not looking for opportunities or are over-looking opportunities. Both landowners had the same opportunity, and both landowners had the same identical land, but one used his land (or gift) to build a gas station, grocery store, restaurant, and hotel, using his gifts to their fullest potential.

The other man, except for his small fruit stand left his land (or gift) mainly unused and undeveloped. He could have done much more with his land, but he didn’t.

God desires that you would use your gifts. And too those of you who will use their gifts or are already using their gifts there will be an increase, there will be an adding on of your gift, an enlarging of your spiritual land or territory and a bigger footprint in your ministry. It won’t happen “all at once”, but in stages, little by little. And too those who are not using your gifts, what has been given to you, will be taken away and given to another who will use them says God.