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"Real Gold or Fool's Gold"


There were two Christian brothers who were both miners. They both lived and worked together. After some time, they both decided to split up. One went toward the north, the other toward the south. A short time later both brothers found ‘gold’. One brother found ‘real gold’ and the other ‘fool’s gold’.
One of the brother’s took some gold ore with him to be tested. After testing the gold ore, he found it to be real gold. He thought to himself, “I’ll work till I have enough money to buy the land with the cave/mine on it. With the money I will help the poor, and start a little Bible school”.

The other brother also went back to town, but he didn’t bring back any samples to be tested. He thought to himself, “I’ll work till I have enough money to buy the land with the cave/mine on it. Then I’ll be rich (silly rich). With so much money from the gold, I won’t know what to do with it. I’ll be able to have fun, by fancy car’s, a big house, boat, and buy all the things I ever wanted to buy.”

They both worked a number of years and saved up their money. Finally after working for 20 years, they both had enough money to buy the land with the cave/mine on it. The one brother bought the land where the gold had been tested. He mined the gold and sold it. He became rich. With the money he helped the poor, built a Bible school and had a mansion built.

The other brother also bought the land with the cave/mine on it (where the “gold” had not been tested). He also mined the ‘gold’. He then went into town to sell his ‘gold’. They tested it, and found out it wasn’t real gold at all but fool’s gold. All he had left now was his cave. He had sold everything to buy it. He went back to live in his cave. One brother went on to live in a mansion (the other brother went to live in a cave).

Meaning of Parable: So it is with those who live/work for God, they end up with ‘real gold’, and those who chase after the ‘things of the world’, and live for themselves, end up with worthless ‘fool’s gold’.

The story/parable reminds me of Lot and Abraham. Both Lot an Abraham started out together from the Ur of the Chaldeans (Genesis 11:31; 12:4-5). What is also interesting, both Lot and Abraham were living in the land of Canaan together. Then Lot and Abraham separate (13:11).

Lot: He wanted to live for himself. Lot pitched his tents towards Sodom (13:12), and in the next chapter, (14:12) we find Lot living inside Sodom. Lot inherits Zoar.  Zoar means little or small. Lot ends up living in a cave (19:20-21; 30)

Abraham: He wanted to live for God, as Abraham moved from place to place he would build altars and had meetings where he talked with God ( Genesis 12:1-3; 8; 13:14-18; 15:1-15; 17: 1-22; 18: 1-33; 21:12-13; 22:2).

Abraham inherits the land of Canaan, and God makes him rich in livestock (herds); silver and gold; men and women servants, est. (24:25). Lot went on to become a spiritual failure and had a shameful end. Abraham inherits the promises of God and becomes great and rich with a happy ending.

Note: Nowhere in the Bible do you ever find where Lot built an altar, called out to God, or had any meetings with God (Abraham did). Lot chose a piece of land, which he finally lost. But God gave to Abraham the whole land of Canaan. What a contrast between Lot and Abraham.

So what is it, do you want real gold (Abraham did)? So what is it, do you want ‘real gold’ (like Abraham received) or do you want ‘fool’s gold’ (like Lot got)?

Not ‘Fool’s Gold’, you would be a fool to take that kind of “gold”. They call it ‘fool’s gold’ for a reason, because it looks like real gold but it really isn’t. I think some of you might be chasing after ‘fool’s gold’ and not after ‘real gold.’