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“Brand New or Worn Out”



The Lord would ask you: Do you want your gifts to be “brand new” or “worn out”?

There was a man about to take a trip to another country. He would be gone for a couple of years. But, before he left, he wanted to give his two sons each a gift. He decided to give both sons the same gift. He knew both sons enjoyed watching those building

shows on the weekends, so he decided to get them both hammers, saws, tape measures, screwdrivers, wrenches, power-tools, and toolboxes.

Both sons took the tools home. The first son decided that the tools were so new that he would leave them in their packages and just hang them on his garage wall. The second son got his tools home and thought, “If I’m ever going to learn how to use these tools, then I must start using them”. So, he took the tools out of the packages and put them in his tool box.

The first son would watch the building shows on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon get together with his buddies and talk about what they had seen on the building shows that morning. But before they left, he would always show them his “brand new tools” hanging up on his garage wall. He just enjoyed watching building shows on T.V. (but not building anything, or putting the knowledge into practice or use). He just liked to keep his tools looking “brand new”, so he would never use them.

The second son also watched the building shows on Saturday morning. But in the afternoons, he would help people fix their doors, windows, decks, porches, bathrooms and kitchens and small remodeling jobs. Once he learned each new “step”, then he would put it into practice and use it. In fact, he had used his tools so much over the past few years, that they looked “old and worn out”.

After a few years, the father came back home. He went over to one of his sons and asked, “How’s it going with those tools I gave you?”

The son said, “Father, before you left I remembered what you said”. “I know that you are not a professional carpenter, but if you will take what you do have and start using it, I know you will get better”.

His son showed him the worn out tools.

 “And that’s what I did. I started out with small jobs like putting in windows and doors. I then helped build decks, porches and stairs. Finally, I started remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. I’ve gotten so good now I’ve started building houses”. “The only problem is, now that I’ve started to build houses, some of the tools I need I don’t have, so I have to rent them at the “tool center”.

The father told his son, “Because you have used what I have given you, I will replace all of your worn out tools, and even give you more.”

Then the father went over to visit the other son. The father asked, “How’s it going with the tools I gave you”?

He took his father into the garage and showed him all the shiny brand new tools in their original packaging hanging on the walls.

The father was surprised, he said, “Son, I gave you these tools to use, not to hang up on your garage wall”. So, he took the tools back and gave them to his other son.

For know that I, the Lord, am likened to that father, in that I give gifts and talents to my children.  I, the Lord, have given each and every one of you gifts and talents to use. It is my desire that you would use your gifts and talents.

It is my desire that you would use your gifts. And those who are already using your gifts right now, I will use even more. For those who have been faithful over the small amount I give them, I will give them much more. And those who are not faithful in what I given them, that which they have, will be taken from them and given to another who is faithful.